About Us

About Magnetik Agency

Magnetik Agency was founded by Elizabeth H. Grant to help other businesses swiftly transverse the online world through appropriate branding. With our headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we have been able to work with various local and global businesses providing them with the best digital branding and marketing services.

Magnetik treasures its business-client relationship and always looks forward to growing its business. For over two decades, we have worked with different people and, most of the time satisfied their needs. This has only been possible because of this organization’s values and principles.

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Why Choose Us

We have values that dictate how we work and have helped us accomplish different milestones. We do not focus on niches; we work in every industry, specifically in the context of B2C and B2B. The following are the core values of Magnetik:


In every project, we prioritize teams. Magnetik encourages a collaborative workplace that encourages employees to depend on each other reliably. Our culture strives to eliminate the blame game; instead, we solve each problem as a unit. Through accountability, support and mentorship, Magnetik agency is one of the most productive workplaces.


Magnetik is built on honesty and doing what is right. Magnetik’s culture promotes honesty and integrity even if it hurts our brand. This is because the truth will and has always set us free. Such ethics have contributed to our longevity by enabling us always to find the right solutions while owning our mishaps. Additionally, it has helped us build trustworthy relationships with our clients and partners.

Innovative Spirit

Magnetik’s workplace promotes a positive attitude that gives our employees grit and determination to tackle any challenge that comes their way. We are always improving, and this is made possible by our innovative minds. We work with clients as one our employees because we can learn a few things from them.


our leadership has appropriate empathy to lead with empathy, resulting in a healthy workplace. Our culture always considers other people’s situations and understands different perspectives. Magnetik works with its clients to see things from their point of view.


Your brand is our priority.